sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

When will I wake up?

Past couple days have feel so unreal. I´ve been walking around streets of London with stupid grin on my face, because I Just don´t realize that I´m actually here and that I will be here for ten weeks.

It´s just so different here.There are more shops and people on my new home street than probably anywhere in Finland and I live 13 kilometers away from city. I couldn´t even count how many different languages I hear while walking around my new neighborhood.

Everything is amazing and too overwhelming at the same time. Today was my second day and I already felt kind a lonely. But I hope and know that everything will be fine once I actually settle down and get to used to being here.

This going to be my dream come true spring and I´m going to do exactly what I want. I´m super eager to see how my London adventure continues. Stay tune If you want to read about my London spring!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Love that plaid skirt! Super cute! xoxo Jessi

  2. Loving the photos, and that plaid skirt is gorgeous.

  3. lovely pics!

    Rakel ♥

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