maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2015

maybe it´s okay

I still live in kind of constant battle with my mind. I thought that i won that fight long time ago,but still there are days when "is a good day" chances to "was good a day". I´m getting kind of upset of why things can´t go like i want them to go. Why for everybody else everything looks so easy, but I need to go through all this struggle. I´m just tired to hear people saying that my dreams can´t come true.

 But I know that I´m ready to fight twice as hard as others to make my dreams come true. Sometime soon it has to be my time to get what I want.

 Maybe it´s okay to have bad moments. Maybe it´s okay to hope that i could take the easy way. Even thought I know I will never take the easy way. Maybe it´s okay to not to know exactly who I´m. At least i know what I want, I think.

Maybe I´m just trying to say that sometimes I hope for getting easier way, but I know that for the life I want to live there is no easy way. And maybe I´m not perfectly fine with that. But I will be, soon, I know.


I´m glad. At least i think I´m glad. -winnie the Pooh

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